Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 Month Pilot Begins

With the support of our local funding partners, we launched our pilot on June 1st. During the three month pilot period (June, July and August): A core group of partners representing Kern County Public Health Nursing, Kern Regional Center, California Children’s Services, MVIP, Kern County SELPA, KCSOS, BCSD, and Caring Corner are holding weekly MVI case review meetings every Thursday at 9 a.m. The Case Review Committee hears presentations from hospital NICU nursing/discharge staff (5 - 10 minutes each) of NICU cases that nursing staff believe require additional discussion and support besides normal case management.

The full MVI Workgroup continues to meet on the FIRST Thursday of every month at First 5 Kern so we can:

1. Fine tune the MVI case selection and review process
2. Streamline reporting procedures throughout the pilot period and beyond
3. Continue to discuss MVI needs
4. Meet existing and new partners and share news
5. Hear informational presentations.