Monday, December 5, 2011

Learning and Working Together for A Better Future - November 2, 2011

On November 2, 2011, the Kern County Medically Vulnerable (MV) Care Coordination Project brought together 120+ community health professionals from Kern and the Central Valley for a one-day conference at Kern Regional Center.

Purpose of the Conference:

o Focus on Health Literacy – What is it? Why is it the key to better health care?
o Share practical strategies and tools
o Meet diverse local and regional partners
o Define common issues and solutions
o Jointly plan future approaches to enhance the system of health care and support services in Kern County

Panel Presentations:

1. Establishing and Maintaining a Medical Home for MV Children
- Madhu Bhogal, MD, Medical Director, NICU/Pediatrics, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital
- Sudhir Patel, MD, Neonatologist, Kern Medical Center
- Corazon Yuzon, MD, Pediatrician, Clinica Sierra Vista

2. How to Reach “Hard to Reach” Families of MV Children

- Carmen Burgos, Project Manager, Health Consumer Center, Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, Inc.
- Julie DePetro, RN, Supervisor, Medically Vulnerable Infant Program, Clinica Sierra Vista
- Jean Roberts, PHN, Kern County Public Health Services
- Hope Youngblood, MSW, Social Worker, Mercy Southwest Hospital

3. Assessing and Treating Pre-K Children with Developmental and Behavioral Challenges

- Tonya Crowder, Marriage and Family Therapist, Henrietta Weill Child Guidance Clinic
- Isabell B. Purdy, PhD, NNP, CPNP, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Neonatology & Developmental Biology, David Geffen School of Medicine and UCLA Medical Center
- Troy Tickle, SELPA Coordinator, Kern County Superintendent of Schools

4. Health Literacy of MV Families and Providers – Resources and Tools to Navigate the System

- Gail Davidson, APRN, BC, MSN, PHN, MVCCP Care Coordinator
- Monique Moreland, RN, PHNII, Foster Care Public Health Nurse
- Diane Nicholls, RNC, MSN, NNP-BC, HRIF Coordinator, KMC
- Javier Parra, Health Education Instructor, Bakersfield Adult School